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I love speaking to schools and classrooms either in person or via Skype.

Schools and other groups with children:

Lana will meet with up to three groups in a day for up to 60 minutes each with at least a 15-minute private break between sessions. Lana’s standard presentation includes an introduction, an author reading, and a Q&A session. But she is also excited to work with you to create a presentation that will best meet your needs.

She can also do large group presentations on the following:

Technology and The Two Englishes

Grades 6-12

60 or 90 minutes

Cellphones and the internet have brought the Written and Spoken English languages together in a way never before seen—and that’s not a bad thing. In addition to discussing past technology’s influence on English, Lana explains how each of us adapts the rules of Written English to imbue the tone and personality of Spoken English through the magical communication devices we carry with us everywhere.

Adult and mixed-age groups:

Lana will gladly come for a reading and a short presentation on her book, pursuing publication, and/or the writing process followed by a Q&A session. She is also happy to have a discussion on the intersection of technology and youth outreach for groups of educators and librarians.

For information about rates and/or availability,
please visit my Scholastic Author Page, Skype in the Classroom profile, or use the form below.

I am an experienced panelist and moderator and LOVE doing events!

I'm most comfortable with the following topics:

  • Writing
  • Alternative Book Formats
  • Wireless and Technology (15 years experience)
  • Homeless and At-Risk Youth and Technology (3 years experience)
  • General Nerdery
  • Pitching and Querying (I've been a DVPit Mentor several times and done query and pitching panels.)

If you're interested in having me appear at your event or participate on a panel in your store or library email me directly at lana@muliebris.com or use the below form.

I love the internet!

If you have an unusual opportunity or need guests for your podcast

please email me directly at lana@muliebris.com or use the below form.