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Email: lana@muliebris.com

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Business Phone: (612) 564-8664‬ (please leave a message)

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701 Washington Ave N
Ste 111-292
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Literary Agent: Bridget Smith – JABberwocky Literary

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Lana Wood Johnson is a young adult author from Minnesota with a background in wireless technology consulting.

Lana Wood Johnson lives in Minnesota with her husband and English Bulldog. When not writing, she is the tech nerd for a youth shelter.

Lana Wood Johnson splits her time between writing and working at a local youth shelter. TECHNICALLY, YOU STARTED IT is her debut YA Contemporary novel forthcoming from Scholastic.

Lana Wood Johnson was born and raised in Iowa in the time before the internet but has spent the rest of her life making up for that. After years working in wireless communication for companies of all sizes, she now works doing the same for a local youth shelter. Lana lives in Minnesota with her husband and their English bulldog. TECHNICALLY, YOU STARTED IT is her debut novel.

(Coming Soon)

Lana writes books for most teens and fixes computers for others. She uses her history degree to make up stories and her years on the internet to describe them.

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Technically, You Started It

Interview topics:

  • Texting alternative book formats
  • Technology and Teenagers
  • Phones and At-Risk Youth
  • On-Page Demisexuality Representation
  • On-Page Anxiety Representation
  • Queer/Questioning narratives

Fun Facts:

  1. Has written two thesis papers, one on Nixon’s Impeachment and the other on comparative Utopias.
  2. Watches entirely too much Korean television, more than American television.
  3. Was once the TA for a Chinese history course she was enrolled in at the same time.
  4. Was a Goth club kid in the mid-90s where she discovered clown makeup matches her complexion.